Email deliverability improvements & other minor updates

Our switch from Mailgun to Postmark

Today we have released an important infrastructure change that modifies who sends our emails.

Enter Postmark.  We have moved away from Mailgun and integrated Postmark into PracticeHub so all emails being sent will use this service.  Their focus is on transactional emails, and thus have exceptionally good reputations with all the major ISPS who provide email (Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo etc).

Initial reporting shows an improved deliverability that is as clear as night and day!

We had been receiving an increasing number of reports over the last few weeks of missing emails to patients.  Subsequent investigation revealed that the emails were being sent, marked as delivered by our provider but some were never arriving (not even in Spam).  Unfortunately, due to the important nature of our emails, this was not good enough and thus we began to search for an alternative email service provider that would provide timely support and high deliverability.

Lessons we have learnt

  • Customer service is exceptionally important.  It was good to be on the side of a poor experience, and remember why great customer support is essential.  We liked that Postmark felt part of our team and they were on our side.
  • A whole lot about email deliverability.  It’s definitely not black and white.

Other improvements we have made this week

Update in the user interface of our Patient Self Sign-In portals to make it more acceptable for tablets.

When a patient has an appointment on their birthday, a cake icon will display next to their name so you know just by glancing at your calendar.

Added the ability to setup a direct debit for a patient without it redirecting to the subscription page (in the event you have given a tablet to a patient and you get them to fill the details in themselves), which means no unnecessary peeking at your financial information.

Added a star icon to custom availability slots, replacing the ugly “Custom Availability” text.

When creating a New Patient at the time of booking the appointment, the Appointment Type list will now filter to all appointments tagged with “New Patient” as their Stat Type.  You can edit this under each Appointment Type via Settings -> Appointment Types.

We have added a “Billing” section on the patient file sidebar.  Here you will notice all billing related information for a patient including their balance, prepaid packages on their account, any direct debit subscriptions they may have with GoCardless and their last payment as well as the default credit/debit card on their file if you are using the Stripe integration.

We have released various other small bug fixes and improvements that you may notice across the board as well.