Whats New November 2017

Our recent update this week included over 80 improvements, bug fixes and new features.

Here is a list of some of the major ones.

Email Notifications

Confirmation emails for appointments made in past will no longer be sent.

Beautification of confirmation, reminder & invoice emails – includes logo, and clean layout.

Custom email subject lines for email confirmations and reminders

Added a reply to email address field which can be different from your administration account email address.

Added iCalendar to confirmation emails to make it easy for patients to add to calendar.

Reminders previously went out at UTC time, now take into account timezone.


GoCardless reporting improvements & bug fixes

Better notification when calendar has no assigned practitioners

Bug fix when creating locations

Updated and improved New Patient & Referral report

Updated Patient Visit report

Added read-only permission to calendar / this permission permits the user to only be able to view the calendar and not make changes

Fixed bug on editing invoices, where new line items of service types could be added without a practitioner assigned to that service

Improvement to the Current Shift closing page

When using the Rebooked action on recall, no longer removes from list – rather just stores the action for tracking purposes.

Moved postcode from below country name to above country name on patient file

Improved the calendar ghosting feature – now shows in background and able to click on the slot where the appointment is

CSV Download on revenue report for line items

Changed placeholders on the numbers on patient form, as it was confusing

Fixed bug where the default Reminder & Confirmation preferences were not being saved on the NP form in full

Improved the Birthday report, to include the age of the patient and tidied up the layout

Fixed bug where turning on email confirmations on Appointment Types only showed the subject field, not the copy field also.


Online Bookings

Online booking layout overhaul Рcleaner tidier and more intuitive  User Interface for the end user

Option to choose whether patients can reschedule, cancel or both via the online booking platform

Remember patient for easier online bookings

Ability to block certain patients from booking online

Ability to tag appointment types as bookable for New or Regular patients, meaning no longer can New Patients book the incorrect type of appointments!

Changed layout of availability calendar

Cluster booking improvements for online bookings.


Security & Upcoming GDPR Compliance

2 Factor authentication

Login notifications to administrator if account is restricted to IP address


Performance Improvements

Significant performance improvement on navigating calendar days

Significant performance improvement when clicking appointment on calendar

Speedier appointment processing – happens in background now, enabling you to do more quicker


Practitioner Dashboard

Added ability to delete treatment notes

Added yellow & red flags to practitioner dashboard

Improved layout on practitioner dashboard


Patient Packages

Patient packages has just had an improvement that will allow you to add other patients onto a package that another patient has bought. This is perfect for family plans where they can all use the one package.

It requires one initial person purchasing the plan, and then for each additional person you want on the plan,

On the package reports, instead of patient name, it will have the patient master, and the sub patients on that package.