Rescheduling & cancellations via online bookings

Self service Rescheduling & Confirmations

Patients can now reschedule or cancel their appointments via our online platform.  This is not just limited to patients who book online but all appointments across the board!

You can simply put the “Appointment Amendment Link” inside any email confirmation and reminder and the patient will be able to amend this particular appointment from the link.

Cancelling prompts the patient to enter a reason and rescheduling is as simple as clicking the available slot.

Other improvements & bug fixes

Terms & Conditions – You can also now include your terms and conditions when someone books online.

Confirmation SMS bug  SMS confirmations were being sent out with HTML tags causing the text message to look like gobbledygook – this has now been rectified.

DOB on Invoices – You can now toggle Dates of Birth on or off on invoices.

Global search availability – In some instances, patients can be shared across practitioners.  When these practitioners have ringfenced accounts (i.e. they can only view their own patients), its not possible to share these patients as a patient can only be assigned to one practitioner.  We added a setting that allowed a patient to be globally searchable between user accounts that only have the permission to view their own patients.  This setting can be turned on when editing the patient in question.