Performance improvements & self service billing

An important, but probably not so exciting improvement!

As PracticeHub improves with new features, the codebase gets larger.  It is vital that in the pursuit of new features we do not impact one of the things that makes PracticeHub so great – the speedy calendar!

As a result, we have had a “behind the scenes” update which brings a 25% performance improvement in the way we render appointments on the calendar.   You may or may not notice this, however this is significant and helps us move towards a far more efficient calendar long term and to bring more features to the calendar itself.

Self service billing

The billing section has had an overhaul which will now allow you to update your card details in the event you wish or need to change the card you are being billed from, plus allow you to upgrade/downgrade Base/Enterprise plans, including moving from monthly to annual. These are offered at approximately 15% off for the year.

All plan upgrades and downgrades are charged pro-rata based on what you have been billed for your current billing period.

Couple of improvements to calendar

  • As a shortcut you can now click on the practitioners name when looking at all practitioners, just to show that practitioner.
  • In a week view, you can also click the date to see just that date also.

Other changes & bug fixes

  • If a shift is open, the “Open Shift” link is now hidden from view, likewise if a shift is closed, the “Close Shift” link is also hidden from view.  We have renamed the Current Shift Invoices/Payments link to Current Shift Summary.
  • We have started to rename “Billable Items” to “Services & Products” across the platform.  The feedback we had received was that billable items was not clear, and the new term is understood better.
  • On certain browsers, hovering over an appointment on the calendar would not display the tooltip.  This has now been rectified.
  • A summary of all new updates will automatically display on the right hand sidebar of the login page…. 🙂