Cleaner layouts, merge patients & new permissions

The much requested feature of merging multiple patient files is now live in PracticeHub.

You can access this via the Patient Action Dropdown on the patient file.

It’s as simple as choosing the patient you want to delete and merge into the patient you are viewing – it takes all of a handful of seconds!

Cleaner patient layout

You may also notice that the patient file sidebar layout so information is much more visible and cleaner.  You can also collapse the sections you don’t view as often as others too.  This update has significantly improved how it is viewed on mobile devices as well.

This is in preparation for some upcoming features, which we are keeping quiet about for the moment, but when they are released will revolutionise how you communicate and engage with your patients, not just from a marketing point of view but also day to day.

Printable shift reports

We have added the ability to directly print a shift report from the shift report summary page.  Perfect when you are doing multiple shifts in a day and want to keep the reports separate.

We have also added new permissions to allow granular selection of which reports certain roles can see

Permanent & appt notes now have an auto-save function, save buttons have been removed

If you have enabled Stripe integration on your PracticeHub account, you can now take card payments whilst making appointments – ideal when you need to take a deposit for a new patient!

Smaller improvements & bug fixes

PDF invoices layout improved

Ability to show taxes on invoices now

Ability to choose size of Invoice & statement – pick from A4 and A5.

Added IP security feature from Enterprise to Base product

Various bug fixes to do with hovering over appointments

Bug when clicking on closed slots on calendar, not resetting the availability manager