Email deliverability improvements & other minor updates

Our switch from Mailgun to Postmark

Today we have released an important infrastructure change that modifies who sends our emails.

Enter Postmark.  We have moved away from Mailgun and integrated Postmark into PracticeHub so all emails being sent will use this service.  Their focus is on transactional emails, and thus have exceptionally good reputations with all the major ISPS who provide email (Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo etc).

Initial reporting shows an improved deliverability that is as clear as night and day!

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New flexible reminder sending rules, one-off availability & custom care schedule emails

If you have ever wanted to send your SMS and email reminders at different intervals or send your reminders a specific number of hours before your patients appointment, now you can!

We have added our new option to Reminder & Confirmation settings where you can define when Email & SMS reminders go out separately, as well as how many hours before the appointment rather than a fixed time as previously.

We’ve also added the first stage of custom one off availability slots on the calendar in the event someone is available on a day/time that is normally closed.  Please note, at present this does not reflect on online bookings availability.


In addition to this, we have also added the ability to customise the “Schedule of Care” email copy and subject line.  You can find this under Emails in General Settings.

Separation of Non-Payments in Income & Payments Report

We have received feedback that certain credits and debits that are not technically payments were causing confusion on the income and payments report as they were lumped in with regular payments.  These were :

  • Write-Offs
  • Refunds
  • Credit Transfers
  • Debit Transfers
  • Generic Credits (usually when transferring from another system)

These have now been separated from regular payments so they are not included in the days totals.

They have also been removed from being included in the payments total on the Current Shift summary.

Customisable weekend rules for reminders

You can now set customisable weekend appointment reminder rules!

You have full control over when reminders that are due on Saturday or Sunday are sent. This is great if you don’t wish to communicate with your patients on weekend days.

You can access this setting via Settings -> Reminders & Confirmations.

Seasonal Support Hours 2017/18

Christmas is a really important time of the year for us to spend some time with our families, so over the break, we will be running limited support hours which means there will be a delay in our standard response times.  All feature requests will be responded to from 2nd January.

Our standard support hours are 8AM – 8PM GMT Mon to Fri.

Our limited support hours over Christmas and New Years are as follows :

23rd – 27th December  : Support requests will be responded to only in an emergency situation (i.e. the platform goes down).

28th December – 29th December : Support requests will be responded to in the restricted hours of 11am to 2pm

30th December to January 1st : Support requests will be responded to only in an emergency situation (i.e. the platform goes down).

2nd January onwards – Normal support hours and times resume


Whats New November 2017

Our recent update this week included over 80 improvements, bug fixes and new features.

Here is a list of some of the major ones.

Email Notifications

Confirmation emails for appointments made in past will no longer be sent.

Beautification of confirmation, reminder & invoice emails – includes logo, and clean layout.

Custom email subject lines for email confirmations and reminders

Added a reply to email address field which can be different from your administration account email address.

Added iCalendar to confirmation emails to make it easy for patients to add to calendar.

Reminders previously went out at UTC time, now take into account timezone.

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Rescheduling & cancellations via online bookings

Self service Rescheduling & Confirmations

Patients can now reschedule or cancel their appointments via our online platform.  This is not just limited to patients who book online but all appointments across the board!

You can simply put the “Appointment Amendment Link” inside any email confirmation and reminder and the patient will be able to amend this particular appointment from the link.

Cancelling prompts the patient to enter a reason and rescheduling is as simple as clicking the available slot.

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Performance improvements & self service billing

An important, but probably not so exciting improvement!

As PracticeHub improves with new features, the codebase gets larger.  It is vital that in the pursuit of new features we do not impact one of the things that makes PracticeHub so great – the speedy calendar!

As a result, we have had a “behind the scenes” update which brings a 25% performance improvement in the way we render appointments on the calendar.   You may or may not notice this, however this is significant and helps us move towards a far more efficient calendar long term and to bring more features to the calendar itself.

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